sustainable. intelligent.
Powered by
the sun & wind
At nico, being independent of fossil fuels is more than just a hazy vision. Right from the outset, the building’s energy will be 100% generated by solar photovoltaic panels and wind turbines on the roof.
The intelligently positioned, 180 kilowatt-peak PV system supplies the entire green office with clean energy in the summer. Additional power is provided by nico’s own wind turbines on the roof. Combined with its smart insulation concept, these energy-saving measures put nico ahead of the rest.


Frankfurt’s Lyoner Quartier is undergoing a radical transformation, and it is here that nico is setting new standards for office life. Even today, the building is equipped with state-of-the-art sensor technology for tomorrow’s world. This ensures not only a constant, ideal indoor climate, but also optimized operating costs.

A green

The greenery on nico’s facade is a real feast for the eyes.
But it is far more than that.
The lush, trailing plants filter the air, prevent warmth from escaping and cool the building’s interior in the summer.
The many different types of greening in and on nico also create a healthy indoor climate and good air quality.

Fibre optic backbone for maximum connectivity

The average broadband speed in Western Europe will have increased 2.7-fold by 2023. This trend is based on increasingly heavy usage, which is why nico is geared towards the demands of years to come.

Maximum connectivity is more than a luxury. We believe that fast and simple data transfer is crucial for the world of tomorrow. As nico is already equipped with the latest in fibre optic cabling, it is able to offer the kind of data transfer that may not be necessary right now but will become relevant soon.
As we are fully aware that your working environment will have individual needs, nico is designed to be highly flexible. The building structure allows lighting from all sides and permits the greatest possible flexibility when designing your workplace. In this way, nico can adapt to all your requirements – whether single-room solutions, open-plan design or various combinations. Even loggias can be integrated individually, while the inviting plaza is available for everyone to enjoy.

Facts & figures

900 m²
green plaza
180 kWp
photovoltaic system
parking spaces,
of which > 100
can be equipped
with e-charging
m² office space


Because our
tomorrow is
already here

Our world needs to be healthier – this is something that is now generally agreed. We also firmly believe that state-of-the-art technology is an especially intelligent way of making our lives sustainable on a grand scale. With this in mind, nico has more than just smart sensors – the building is also fitted with clever solutions that are guaranteed to benefit your company and our environment as well.


Over 100 e-charging stations

Apart from public charging stations and other stationary solutions, state-of-the-art mobility concepts will be used. Plans are also being made for both car-sharing and bike-sharing options.
Electric cars are already among us! The automotive industry has long been committed to rolling out the green carpet for e-cars. And so is nico. Over 100 e-charging stations are being set up in the parking deck so that electric cars can charge up before their next trip.

the sun

nico is able to reduce its energy costs thanks to an intelligent combination of modern sensor technology, digital building automation and the ability to generate its own solar power.
State-of-the-art photovoltaic systems are not only clean and highly efficient but also the cheapest way to produce electricity. This means sourcing as much electricity as possible from internal photovoltaic systems is the smart choice for nico office, which uses a large roof-mounted system.

Green heart

The LEED evaluation takes a critical look at energy and ecological criteria and aims to establish standards for sustainable buildings.
Sustainability means meeting the needs of today’s generation without jeopardizing those of future generations. This is the principle behind nico. And it is also why LEED certification is being pursued with such determination.
Work is currently in progress on nico’s LEED certification.

Fresh air for clear thinking

A lush green plaza in the large courtyard at nico office is the heart of the intelligent complex. It is a meeting place for interacting with others. Like a kind of green oasis, the plaza is a breath of fresh air for the entire building and everyone inside. And the 30 loggias located throughout the building also add to nico’s sense of vitality.

Having a healthy working environment is important for us all. And recent scientific studies show that this is also a key economic factor. After all, motivated, high-performing employees are the most important resource that any company can have.

A good supply of fresh air is the most important way to remain alert and firing on all cylinders. Recent studies also show that our concentration wanes long before we realize it. This makes it all the more important to able to take a break outside or for a relaxing chat. Which is where nico’s intelligent architecture comes in.

Attractive area

The addition of nico to Frankfurt’s Lyoner Quartier means that the area will boast a new, exciting and – above all – forward-looking building. After all, nico is a prime example of how to set up a state-of-the-art office by integrating intelligent systems.

As nico’s location is connected to all relevant public networks, the city centre, airport, trade fair and many other destinations are all within easy reach.

3 tenants
2 tenants
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  • Arrive in comfort.
  • Two modern and glazed lobbies exude a warm welcome.
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3 tenants
2 tenants
1stfloor 1stfloor
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  • Social plaza.
  • Where people can stay in contact while enjoying the fresh air.
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Standard fit-out
Sample tenant fit-out
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  • Maximum space gain. The room partitioning in nico
  • is highly efficient, which cuts costs for all tenants.
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  • Maximum flexibility. The flexible interior design allows
  • each office space to be designed independently and individually.
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Andreas Thamm Chairman of the Management Board
UBM Development Germany

“nico is a byword for intelligent technical solutions that are developed by various industrial companies together with UBM, ensuring operation with a minimum of resources.”

Hard Facts

Office spaces
  • Total office spaces
    15,400 m² comm. rental space
  • Floors
    7 full floors, office usage from 1st to 6th floor
  • Office units
  • Units per standard floor
  • Office floor-to-ceiling height
    3 m
  • Fit-out grid
    1.35 m
  • Floor construction
    Cavity floors
  • Heating/cooling
    Heating and cooling panels
  • Ventilation
    Mechanical ventilation
  • Lighting
    Free-standing luminaires
  • Sunshades
    External, electric, weather-sensitive
  • Windows
    Aluminium, openable
Tenant usage
  • Foyer
    2 prestigious entrances
  • Outdoor area
    Green inner courtyard open to all tenants
  • Loggia
    30 loggias, 1 per unit
  • Lifts/elevators
    6 elevators (divided between 4 service cores)
  • Access control system
  • Showers
    Shower and changing rooms on ground floor
  • Car parking spaces
    250 distributed among GF and basement
  • Charging station
    Provision for >100 charging stations
  • Bicycle parking spaces
    310 (230 inside building)
  • Sharing programme
    Electric cars and e-bikes

from all sides

nico is ideally accessible via Colmarer Straße, which runs around the building.
The parking areas on the ground floor and basement are easy to reach, as are the four entrances to the office floors.

It’s so close! nico has enviable public transport connections and is within easy reach of all kinds of city infrastructure that make life simpler.
Map Map
nico is ideally positioned. The city centre, airport, trade fair and many other destinations are reachable in only a short time.
To the airport:
10 mins (car)
6 mins (public transport)
To the central station:
15 mins (car)
20 mins (public transport + walk)
To the trade fair:
15 mins (car)
15 mins (public transport)
To the city centre:
12 mins (car)
8 mins (public transport)


A district
in bloom

More and more people are being attracted by the newest additions to the Lyoner Quartier. So it only stands to reason that this newly flourishing corner of Frankfurt is also being discovered by major companies such as Nintendo. A whole host of modern offices are being built, with nico leading the way.



High-tech timber for Norwegian banking
#smart office
High-tech timber for Norwegian banking

Timber construction can be decidedly high-tech, as illustrated by the head office built for SR Bank in Stavanger, Norway. Bjergsted Financial Park offers workplaces that are fit for the future, and it is among Europe’s largest engineered timber buildings.

Pairing wood and stone in a Danish design
#smart office
Pairing wood and stone in a Danish design

Sejet Plant Breeding in Denmark develops modern grain varieties. The company cultivates plants using state-of-the-art, sustainable technology, and has adopted the same approach for its new entrance building, designed by GinnerupArkitekter.

In the service of biological diversity
In the service of biological diversity

Good news for local fauna: The dedication of not-for-profit organization CABI to combatting climate change through innovative agricultural solutions is reflected in the architecture of its new headquarters in England.

“Smart means something is communicating with me”
#smart office
“Smart means something is communicating with me”

Alan Hofmann is a building engineer and timber constructor from Austria. His company Woodplan occupies a digital niche for building projects around the world. In this interview he describes his interpretation of intelligent offices, and how an office can be smart in an old Austrian building.

In full control
#smart office
In full control

In everyday office life, automation is especially key to success. Lighting, sound, shading, heating, cooling, ventilation and access systems can be operated centrally with intelligent controls by Loxone.

New Work from New York
#smart office
New Work from New York

The new co-working space Hammerbrooklyn in Hamburg is designed to be a place of inspiration and creativity. Besides its passion and dedication, this curated community thrives on a desire for innovation and thirst for the future.

A ship drops anchor
#smart office
A ship drops anchor

Cologne is home to one of Germany’s most digitalized office buildings, known as The Ship. Inspired by its success as a model of contemporary working, a second project is being added just next door: the Vorum.

A Cobot Hub for humans and robots
#smart office
A Cobot Hub for humans and robots

Heralding a bright future in an innovative, exciting location, this robotics centre in Denmark designed by 3XN is expected to become the perfect place to work. It is a Cobot Hub for the employees at two companies. And also for the robots developed there.

Cost-free solutions on a billion-dollar market
#smart office
Cost-free solutions on a billion-dollar market

Big tech can actually be avoided. The small Swiss company Infomaniak is taking on digital office tech giants like Zoom and Microsoft. Without any charges or advertising, it is offering videoconferencing that can also be used by inexperienced users.

Sealed by the sultan
#smart office
Sealed by the sultan

In Istanbul the two spectacular towers for Ziraat Bank have grown high into the sky. While their shape is oriented on traditional calligraphy, the interior displays state-of-the-art technical features.

A little bird told you …
#smart office
A little bird told you …

Inspired by traditional survival strategies of experienced miners, the architects at 3XN/GXN have “bred” a stylish canary that takes care of our health in the workplace.

A wanderer with a high-tech trailer
#smart office
A wanderer with a high-tech trailer

As he was constantly on the move, technology entrepreneur Jeff Kleck was looking for a clever solution for a live-work space. His brilliant idea? To convert an old Airstream into what is probably the world’s best mobile smart office, which he calls “Kugelschiff”.

How smart lifts think for us
#smart office
How smart lifts think for us

Automated machine communication is enabling new applications. In predictive maintenance, smart lifts indicate whether they are working or need attention.

The building that thinks
#smart office
The building that thinks

You’ve seen smart homes, now it’s time for smart buildings. Cube Berlin, an office complex that controls itself via artificial intelligence, opened in early 2020.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg!”
#smart office
“This is just the tip of the iceberg!”

Andreas Thamm is a “smart office” expert. As Chairman of the Management Board at UBM Development Germany, he is steering the company towards an intelligent future. It is an issue that is particularly relevant in times of COVID-19.

The digital world of tomorrow
#smart office
The digital world of tomorrow

In China, Zaha Hadid Architects are building two 400-metre giant structures that make sensational use of digital possibilities. With its smart solutions, Tower C is efficient and, above all, environmentally friendly.

Office tower as city highlight
#smart office
Office tower as city highlight

Architecture studio Foster + Partners have designed an extraordinary office tower for the heart of Buenos Aires. As a sustainable and flexible building, Avenida Cordoba 120 is set to provide more than just an optimum working environment. Its public space is intended to enhance the entire district.

The flexible icon
#smart office
The flexible icon

The office complex ICÔNE has been created by the architects at Foster + Partners as an elegant answer to current working trends. This new flex office building is currently under construction in Luxembourg’s Belval Quarter, where urban renewal is set to create the city’s new “best address”.

Beneath the dragon’s skin
#city planning #smart office
Beneath the dragon’s skin

The new showpiece unveiled by Swatch is not a watch, but office architecture at its finest. To create the reptilian curves of the new Swatch headquarters in Biel, star architect Shigeru Ban has built one of the world’s largest timber-framed constructions.

Google (re)invents itself
#smart office
Google (re)invents itself

Internet giant Google wants to do more than provide the right answers every time on the digital front. With the construction of the new headquarters in Silicon Valley, it wants to supply the solution to every workplace problem. Specifically, it aims to revolutionize working environments completely!

Axel Springer: new headquarters as a statement
#smart office
Axel Springer: new headquarters as a statement

Berlin has a new landmark: the new Axel Springer building. The avant-garde complex isn’t just an urban statement, it also stands for the future of working in the digital world.


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